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Improvements to our Town

Managed Development

Managed Development has been a key issue facing our town. One of the reasons we made the decision to incorporate was to be able to plan and manage our own development. We spent a lot of time developing our Land Development requirements based on several Master Planning and public involvement meetings. The result of these meetings was a plan for development that our residents and council felt best described what the vision of Cutler Bay would be. We can achieve theses visions with proper managed development and not allowing overdevelopment or development that does not meet our LDR’s or the vision of our residents. Limited development along old cutler road with sensible designs that benefit our residents is managed development. 3 story buildings that would stick out like a sore thumb is not proper managed development. Development with the proper traffic studies that would accurately show the impact on our traffic patterns and not allow the developers to submit inaccurate traffic studies that benefit the developer and not the residents is proper managed development. We need to work together to preserve and maintain the vision that was the catalyst for our incorporation.

Traffic Calming

Over the years the increased traffic has become one of the upfront issues in Cutler Bay. Most of it due to the increased development from our communities to the south and north of us. Recently our Town has started a traffic calming master plan to help ease the traffic problems. It’s important that we work together as a town to manage our development but at the same time work with our neighboring communities to ensure any future development is managed as not to increase the impact on Cutler Bay. I believe strongly that we need to continue to pursue alternatives such as the extension of our rail system, working with Miami Dade County with properly timing our traffic lights, more efficient use of the bus lane. It is time we looked outside the box for answers instead of hoping one day it will all go away.

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